Event: Beaujolais Nouveau Tiki Luau Carbonic Disco November 15

Event Name: Beaujolais Nouveau Tiki Luau: Carbonic Disco

Event Link: http://www.pauliesrestaurant.com/camerata/calendar-2/

Date: November 15, 2018

Time: 4 p.m.

Location/Venue – please use Google map info: Camerata at Paulie’s
1830 Westheimer Rd.
Houston, TX

Cost: N/A

Event Description: A traditional French holiday, Beaujolais Nouveau Day celebrates the end of harvest with freshly-fermented wine made from Gamay, a red grape grown prodigiously in Beaujolais, the southernmost part of Burgundy. Typically, these “new” Gamay wines are built for instant-gratification guzzling, which led to a reputation of low-quality that hounded the Beaujolais region for decades.

We love Gamay and we love Beaujolais, but most of all we love an unabashedly kitschy bacchanal. So in that spirit, we are embracing the frivolity of Nouveau season with a Tiki-themed luau. We know what you’re thinking: Camerata is a wine bar with no (legal) access to rum — they’re not even close to being a Tiki bar! You’re absolutely right, but for one night only, we’ll be decked out in Hawaiian shirts, slinging some carbonic juice and getting our freak on. Here’s a quick list of what we’ve lined up:

The Gang of Four – all by the glass
Freaujolais (Frojo-Nouveau)
Angostura Ice Luge
Ridiculous straws & copious cocktail umbrellas

Bust out your grass skirt and come ready to party!

Registration Telephone: 8322287926

Registration Email: ciao@pauliesrestaurant.com


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